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Friday, July 31, 2009

Flatter Your Figure

Flattery will get you...looking good!

1) Correctly fitting clothing - This is hard when you don't "believe" your own reflection. I love the way some things look on the hanger, a mannequin, or others and then try it on and OUCH, all of a sudden it's not a nice piece! I have large arms and calves. It's not in my best interest to wear super short sleeves (arg, must clean out my closet) or capris that hit just below the knee. But I can still appreciate the looking at it. I am slowly getting over the fact that I am not me at 19. It's hard, people! I didn't have to do anything to get that body but at 41 after three kids unless I do do something I am the shape I am. I can find things to suit me AS I AM. And so can you during your pregnancy! At our store we have a variety of sizes from XS/Petite to XXXL. Sometimes a preggo belly pops straight out front, sometimes the weight goes from head to toe or places in-between. That's ok, whatever your size you can pull your favorites from our racks and try them on at the store. No surprises when you get home, instead you'll appreciate how good you look!

2) Sticking to a style that suits you - I am a casual/jeans girl. Always have been. I have had corporate jobs that required business style but even then I wouldn't wear nylons and some of my skirts were cotton. If I tried to wear a suit I would not be comfortable no matter how great the fit. If you like dresses and want to wear dresses through your pregnancy, you can. If you like jeans, yoga pants, if you have casual at-home plus business attire you can maintain that. The maternity wardrobe has no limits on style.

3) Fabric choices - Sometimes I like material to cling, others time I prefer it to drape away from my body. From cotton to bamboo to polyester, fabric can contribute to the right fit the same as the cut of a piece. If I move my arms forward and the shoulders don't give I feel restricted and that shirt or jacket will not go home with me. If I can bend, even kneel in pants I may add them to my wardrobe. Whether you prefer a breathable fabric, something that won't crease, lightweight or heavy, the maternity pieces have the variety you need to find just the right feel.

Consider, also, how you stand when you feel you look good. Your face is bright and open, your back is straight, your walk is confident. Show your children as they grow up that you make choices from the heart, not from the latest fad. Wear it and wear it well!

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This Little Piggy will be at the store from 10-1, helping you to preserve tiny hand and foot prints in fine china clay for a beautiful lasting memory. Shawna's been a monthly treat for our customers, creating pieces that hold on to your heart and also make wonderful gifts.

Single $35
Double $45
Photo frame +$10

As always, our store hours are 10-6 Wed-Sun.

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