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Friday, July 17, 2009

Flatter Your Figure Friday

How do you flatter your figure? Blow kisses to your mirror image, winking and pointing at your gorgeousness? When you have a baby bump and additional pounds make sure you try on pieces that appeal to your personal sense of style (which may change so go with the flow). Don't worry if you saw something on someone else which looked fabulous but you try it and you can't get it off fast enough. Which colors make you happy, energetic, calm, feel good? What material helps you move all day? What's the occassion?

To help with in-between sizes we have Bella Band. It's a wide elastic band in neutral tones (black, white) that you can put over your opened pants snap or zipper and it holds you in and pants up, while covering what a shirt may reveal at your waist. Easy & comfortable!

If you have a heavy sensation in your third trimester ask your Dr about the belly band. It helps lift your abdomen relieving some pressure. When you feel good you stand straighter and have more energy!

It's getting HOT. Want relief? Try some shorts, tanks, skirts and dresses for light weight coverage and comfort. We have shorts from gym to khaki to black and of course, denim. Tanks from adjustable strap style to simple or fun designed ribbed styles. Skirts and dresses are short to long, casual denim to dressy silk.

Jeans come in a variety of fits from under belly waistlines to high panel coverage, flare to bootcut, some are dark wash, with sequins, fancy stitching, stretch, cargo...more! It can be worth your time to pick a few and try them. We carry designer names such as Seven, Juicy, BB as well as Gap and Old Navy. Since every pregnant body is different try on a variety to see which is right for you.

We have tanks for nursing moms, too. Easy front clips and special inner linings make style and comfort come together. You'll find nursing bras, tops and few pieces for nighttime wear, too. Do you pump? We have Medela pumps!

By the way, we even have moms (of kids from age 1 to teens) trying on some clothing from the maternity racks just because the pieces are so good looking! No matter who you are if you see something on the racks that appeals to you, go for it! Try on clothes at the store, ask our honest opinions, suit yourself!

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