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Friday, July 31, 2009

Flatter Your Figure

Flattery will get you...looking good!

1) Correctly fitting clothing - This is hard when you don't "believe" your own reflection. I love the way some things look on the hanger, a mannequin, or others and then try it on and OUCH, all of a sudden it's not a nice piece! I have large arms and calves. It's not in my best interest to wear super short sleeves (arg, must clean out my closet) or capris that hit just below the knee. But I can still appreciate the looking at it. I am slowly getting over the fact that I am not me at 19. It's hard, people! I didn't have to do anything to get that body but at 41 after three kids unless I do do something I am the shape I am. I can find things to suit me AS I AM. And so can you during your pregnancy! At our store we have a variety of sizes from XS/Petite to XXXL. Sometimes a preggo belly pops straight out front, sometimes the weight goes from head to toe or places in-between. That's ok, whatever your size you can pull your favorites from our racks and try them on at the store. No surprises when you get home, instead you'll appreciate how good you look!

2) Sticking to a style that suits you - I am a casual/jeans girl. Always have been. I have had corporate jobs that required business style but even then I wouldn't wear nylons and some of my skirts were cotton. If I tried to wear a suit I would not be comfortable no matter how great the fit. If you like dresses and want to wear dresses through your pregnancy, you can. If you like jeans, yoga pants, if you have casual at-home plus business attire you can maintain that. The maternity wardrobe has no limits on style.

3) Fabric choices - Sometimes I like material to cling, others time I prefer it to drape away from my body. From cotton to bamboo to polyester, fabric can contribute to the right fit the same as the cut of a piece. If I move my arms forward and the shoulders don't give I feel restricted and that shirt or jacket will not go home with me. If I can bend, even kneel in pants I may add them to my wardrobe. Whether you prefer a breathable fabric, something that won't crease, lightweight or heavy, the maternity pieces have the variety you need to find just the right feel.

Consider, also, how you stand when you feel you look good. Your face is bright and open, your back is straight, your walk is confident. Show your children as they grow up that you make choices from the heart, not from the latest fad. Wear it and wear it well!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


This Little Piggy will be at the store from 10-1, helping you to preserve tiny hand and foot prints in fine china clay for a beautiful lasting memory. Shawna's been a monthly treat for our customers, creating pieces that hold on to your heart and also make wonderful gifts.

Single $35
Double $45
Photo frame +$10

As always, our store hours are 10-6 Wed-Sun.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday - A Sale!

Whenever you take the time to reflect on what you have to be thankful for you can end up with a VERY long list. Here's one to add to your list - a sale at Marin Kids & Maternity Consignment!

Here are some special deals we're offering until August 15...

All Fisher Price Cradle Swings were $65, now $50

Take 15% off:
- Bath items (tubs, towels, wash cloths, seats)
- Bedding (bumpers, quilts, blankets, crib sets, twin sets, pillows, sheets)
- Bouncer Seats (with or without vibration/music)
- Floor Gyms (play mats with overhead toys)
- Hats (all sizes)

Look forward to our Back To School specials coming soon!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What's New Wednesday

From Huggies to cloth diapers, Carters to Catimini, Mini Love to Melissa & Doug, our selection never ceases to amaze (us and our customers!)

Lotties cloth diapering system - ORGANIC from Denmark:
New this system costs over $1500 and we have it at $800! It was never used, has been carefully packed away and is waiting for the come along. The consignor generously wrote a flyer for it and we have an example set to view if you'd like, just ask. Covers, liners, pads and more, this is an amazing buy!!

Buggy Board:
These attach to most any stroller so an older sibling can stand at the handle for a ride-along. Compact, cool, come see it!

Pottery Barn white wicker bassinet with mattress & bumper:
Compact, with handles, easy to transport from one room to another (no stand), a darling first bed and/or daily napping place.

CD music player for the crib:
Choose your own music for baby, compact, never used!

* * * *
There are items I just have to touch on again because they are wonderful finds....

- Pottery Barn Kids wooden toy chest - Cameron in honey
- Silver Cross English pram - vintage with new body & bed
- Medela breast pumps
- Red Envelope play house, canvas with wooden frame, velcro decorations (like new!)
- Radio Flyer fire engine, Retro Rocket, Bouncy Pony
- double strollers (Peg Perego Aria, Jeep sport umbrella, jogger)
- Baby's Dream complete girly bedding and room decor set (soft pink & cream, toile, gorgeous!)
- Formal dresses from newborn to 6X on our window display rack (new to gently used, linen, silk, brand names!)
- Little Tikes blue plastic car toddler bed frame
- Fisher Price Cradle Swings (Aquarium series, Nature, and more)
- Wetsuits for kids (select sizes)
- new ERGO baby carriers, inserts, sucking pads, waist extenders, and we do accept used!
- Leap Frog My First Leap Pads and books
- Maternity!!

We look forward to seeing you at the store where you'll find all of the above...and more!

Don't forget about This Little Piggy coming back to the store on Sunday, August 2, from 10-1 (see our website for details!)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Set Up Sunday

If you know our store, you know we like the switch things up! Not only to keep displays interesting but to keep up with the items we receive and sell on a daily basis.

Weekly Window Display:

Green was fresh, loved seeing the window with the darling clothes, bedding, even Bumbos highlighting this theme. But it's a new week so I'm changing out the display to YELLOW! Both green and yellow are popular choices for newborn items when the sex of the unborn child is not known.

Weekly Rack Highlight:

Maternity was up last week and I think I'll keep that going this week. From Green to Summer Wear - tanks, shorts, swimwear! Get comfy clothing for the hot summer days, whether you are at home, at the beach or traveling.

Monthly Rack Highlight:

This rack is next to our bookcases in the front window. We have been showing off all the pretty, formal dresses in all sizes! We have cotton, linen, even silk displayed. There are two beautiful and never worn silk flower girl dresses in a soft blue by Ann Taylor (size 5, 6) - an outstanding pair for a great price!

* * * *

Window displays are in my heritage! My great aunt was a window designer for Macy's and other high-end department stores in the 1940's. My cousin has done some modern work in San Francisco, and I have a never-ending desire to recreate displays. How nice for me that the entire front of the store is windows! If you catch me mid-assembly I will always have a smile; not only in order to provide friendly customer service, but because I'm "in my element".

* * * *

Look up when you walk in the store; we use our walls to display items, too! Shelves above maternity hold play mats and diaper bags. Shelves above children's clothing hold bouncer seats, Moses baskets, portable bassinets and hooks hanging from those shelves hold backpack carriers, more bouncer seats. We have prints, picture frames and fun decor items scattered around the walls. In back we have fun shopping cart covers/playmats hanging and a sweet mini sleeping bag. Opposite those we have some Bundle Me covers. Our costume selection is always up, too!

We still have our kids' play area! It's up front by the books. We had moved maternity up front from the low ceiling area in back and so were able to double the height of some racks and now it's nice and bright, easy to browse all the clothing. Toys for sale are in back on shelves. The light wood shelves hold infant to preschool toys, the blue shelves hold games, toys, puzzles, etc, for older kids. Wooden items we put on the white shelves and the "purple dresser", which also holds some wooden train items.

Come by any day and see what's new!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Flatter Your Figure Friday

Did I mention DENIM? Check out this great opportunity for your gently worn denim:

The Village Shopping Center in Corte Madera will be sponsoring a three week Great Denim Drive to collect gently-worn denim items such as jeans, jackets or denim accessories. All items will be donated to the Ritter Center in San Rafael , a Marin multi-service agency that supports self-sufficiency for low-income families. Denim recepticle containers will be clearly marked and located throughout the center and at the Concierge.

- July 27 through August 13, 2009
- 1618 Redwood Hwy., Corte Madera , CA
For more information, please call (415) 924-8921 or go to

Maternity jeans go from under belly waist band, to at waist belly panel, to full pants over belly. Wide bands, adjustable waists, ties keep the pants in place for a no-worry fit that looks great. Elastic is your friend! Most maternity tops have some stretch to them so you can wear them over a couple of lbs/weeks, maybe even months.

When you first try on, start with the size you were pre-pregnancy. As time flies your belly grows, well, some of us we grow all over ;-) You're bound to gain weight and your body changes shape in places you never noticed before. Don't force yourself into anything or you'll be grouchy from being uncomfortable. Come in to the store and try new styles, new sizes, different brands so that what you wear is not something to worry about. Are you a Dress Girl or prefer yoga pants? There isn't a piece that has not been adapted for maternity so keep to your comfort zone or step out and try something new.

If our store had been around when I was pregnant I would have had a much larger maternity wardrobe! I didn't want to spend a lot on clothing that I wasn't going to wear for very long and I gained different amounts of weight (in different places) each time (three). I am loving the yoga pants and tanks in-store right now; that would have been my wardrobe for the summer pregnancies, even the cute skirts. I worked during my first pregnancy and our selection of khaki and black pants, dressy tops would have carried me through. And don't forget a swimsuit! The pool was heavenly to float in. Whether you choose to bare the belly in a bikini or cover with a swing style top and shorts you'll be glad you made it into the water (trust me!)

Come take advantage of the new to gently worn maternity clothing on consignment with us and flatter that figure!

* * * * *

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What's New Wednesday

Welcome new stuff. We're glad to have you. Please report below!

Kids Line purple/pink flower lamp, new in box
Prince Lion Heart red/white soft seat w/belt
Leach Co full body maternity support pillow, never used
Crib mattress
Dekor diaper pail
Small wooden shabby chic cream rocking horse, for display
Elmo sit-in walker
Bugaboo Cameleon pink stroller/carseat canopy
Baby Bjorn black/red bouncer seat
Dark Brown with blue Moses basket
Silver Cross English pram
Pottery Barn Cameron toy chest in honey

It's fun going through items at a drop off. We hear stories about favorite toys, outfits and when/where they were worn, we get to reminice about our own memory of items (Fisher Price "tv" with the turn knob and music - I would call it vintage but that would make me feel old!). We appreciate hearing about what worked for a fussy baby or how much time was spent with a simple bead maze, how ERGOs make the airport easy, that a new grandchild is on the way, or kids are outgrowing "baby" items so it's time to consign them and buy "older kid" items. My youngest is almost 6, still wearing 5T, plays with cars and has a lively imagination. I still get to shop at our store for him and it makes me appreciate all the more our consignors bringing in the variety of items they do. I tend to shop in just a couple retail stores which doesn't make for a lot of variety in my bags when I get home. But when I shop at our store I get brands I've never heard of, styles I've never seen before, toys that make me smile even before I know what exactly they do, and of course everything is below retail pricing. I can't answer "when will you get in....(such and such)" and just because we haven't sold it before doesn't mean we won't in the future. At the store, each day is NEW. Period!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Set Up Sunday

The denim display was fun, like a farmer's clothesline - shorts, jeans, shirts, dresses, hats. To me, denim is all weather wear thanks to Levi Strauss (the man!) There is no shortage of denim "style", you can dress up dark wash, dress down holey bottoms, put a button up shirt with 5 pocket or tee under overalls. Blue denim can be recycled into house insulation, now THAT'S a new way to wear it! Ok, denim is back on racks by size, hats are on the front table. We now present new and fresh...

Weekly window display: GREEN

- Green in patterns, solid green, "green" as in reuse. I think this fits our store perfectly this week!

Weekly clothing rack highlight: SUMMER MATERNITY

- Giving the moms-to-be (again?) a rack to browse for warm summer days. Following the green theme we'll have all the coolest styles in various shades of green as you first walk in the store. To your right will be our racks and racks of maternity wardrobes, from S/P to XXXL. Within this area you'll also find designer diaper bags (Fleurville, OiOi, Kate Spade, JuJuBe), Medela Breast Pumps, Nursing Companion books, nursing tops and bras, bottle sterilizers, wipe warmers, Boppys and covers, Heart-Beat Teddy Bear, and a short stack of jeans under $10!


NEW SECTION - Organic! All sizes children's clothing, bedding, and toys labeled "organic" will now always be in one place for easy browsing.

Our stock changes daily! New new stuff:

- Silver Cross pram in navy/cream, made in England
- Pottery Barn Cameron wood toy chest in honey
- 2 solid oak toddler chairs
- 1 Newco upholstered rocker chair (rockers removable)
- 1 Graco DOUBLE stroller frame
- infant bathtubs with net inserts, temp alert, folding
- Lelli Kelly shoes (NEW in select sizes)
- 2 Moby Wraps (both in terra cotta)
- Baby Einstein exersaucer
- Dora house with Diego house & accessories
- The First Years crib CD player with nightlight (NEW)
- Pampers Change-n-Go diaper pants w/slip ins (2 packs, size 4)
- Lotties complete organic cloth diaper system (from Denmark)

Ok, I'm off to change things around, keeping it fresh ;-)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Flatter Your Figure Friday

How do you flatter your figure? Blow kisses to your mirror image, winking and pointing at your gorgeousness? When you have a baby bump and additional pounds make sure you try on pieces that appeal to your personal sense of style (which may change so go with the flow). Don't worry if you saw something on someone else which looked fabulous but you try it and you can't get it off fast enough. Which colors make you happy, energetic, calm, feel good? What material helps you move all day? What's the occassion?

To help with in-between sizes we have Bella Band. It's a wide elastic band in neutral tones (black, white) that you can put over your opened pants snap or zipper and it holds you in and pants up, while covering what a shirt may reveal at your waist. Easy & comfortable!

If you have a heavy sensation in your third trimester ask your Dr about the belly band. It helps lift your abdomen relieving some pressure. When you feel good you stand straighter and have more energy!

It's getting HOT. Want relief? Try some shorts, tanks, skirts and dresses for light weight coverage and comfort. We have shorts from gym to khaki to black and of course, denim. Tanks from adjustable strap style to simple or fun designed ribbed styles. Skirts and dresses are short to long, casual denim to dressy silk.

Jeans come in a variety of fits from under belly waistlines to high panel coverage, flare to bootcut, some are dark wash, with sequins, fancy stitching, stretch, cargo...more! It can be worth your time to pick a few and try them. We carry designer names such as Seven, Juicy, BB as well as Gap and Old Navy. Since every pregnant body is different try on a variety to see which is right for you.

We have tanks for nursing moms, too. Easy front clips and special inner linings make style and comfort come together. You'll find nursing bras, tops and few pieces for nighttime wear, too. Do you pump? We have Medela pumps!

By the way, we even have moms (of kids from age 1 to teens) trying on some clothing from the maternity racks just because the pieces are so good looking! No matter who you are if you see something on the racks that appeals to you, go for it! Try on clothes at the store, ask our honest opinions, suit yourself!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What's New Wednesday

Whazzup? What's happening? What's the plan, Stan? So many ways to ask and one simple way to answer...right here!

Toddler Car Bed - so cool, wheels and everything! Little Tikes blue plastic toddler bed (mattress not included)

Toddler bed in pink & white - plastic, light weight, cute! (mattress not included)

Arm's Reach Original Co-Sleeper in cream. We also have the Pottery Barn ARCS in cream, as well, with the beautiful PB quilted full drape skirt.

Jogger with turning wheel - Baby Trend single jogger with canopy and front wheel that turns, in great shape! We also have two other single joggers with stationary front wheels (the style I had, great for trails).

Lelli Kelly shoes for girls - select sizes, NEW! Sequins, flowers, oh my!

Leap Frog Leap Pad consoles, books w/cartridges - from baby to reader, keep busy with fun learning, stories, games.

Two wheeler - small black bike with Star Wars theme

Pool - blow up pool with spray, Star Wars theme (hey!)

Stroller canopies for additional sun coverage while out and about.

Nursing bras and camis, from Glamour Mom, Motherhood, and nursing covers.

New store layout - We often freshen displays and make room for new items so that you can have a pleasant shopping experience. The 0-12 mos clothing is now on 3 racks per size! Maternity has two double racks! Come by and browse, you're bound to see new things in new ways.

We have in stock right now crib/toddler mattresses, bedding sets, strollers, infant swings, bouncer seats, backpack carriers, ERGO Baby carriers (NEW from Sport to Organic), swimsuits, hats, shoes, crib attachments, games, toys, books, and so much more!

What are we accepting? Check our website for details. Don't read what you want to consign or buy? Call us and we'll tell you what's new!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Set Up Sunday

We've had Disney clothing up for a week and what fun's it been hanging out with Pooh and friends. Those items are now back onto the clothing racks by size.

New weekly display rack - Children's Denim!

Shorts, skirts, skorts, pants and overalls, even dresses, jackets and hats will be on the Weekly Display Rack, easy to browse at the front of the store.

I grew up in jeans and still love them (well, as long as they fit right!). Most babies spend some time in overalls (from pink stripe to dark wash). Bucket hats are classic summer wear in blue denim, a couple in the store have adornments of embroidered flowers, fish, and other designs.

To go along with denim pieces we carry tennies and sandals, fresh white tops and Hawaiian print shirts, polos, onesies and much more. See our summer selections on the floor (and winter's in the back so if you're travelling we might help with some cold weather gear, too!)

New window display - Denim!

Not stretching ourselves on the creative side but honestly, how cute is denim? You'll see in our windows!

Maternity Mannequins - Denim!

Shorts, capris, jeans, tops, we'll pick some special outfits for pretty preggo presentations. From Mimi to Gap to Seven and more, our racks have many items to choose from in denim as well as many other looks. We even have a small stack of maternity jeans UNDER $10!

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Today we hosted This Little Piggy from 10-1p. Have you been in to get your child's handprints or footprints preserved as small as they are NOW? Babies and kids grow so fast that having a press of fine china clay with a touch of color is something truly to be treasured. TLP will be back with us on Sunday, August 2, from 10a-1p!

Come back to this blog in a few days for What's New Wednesday!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Important recall notice to share

We get daily updates from CPSIA and this one struck me as important to share...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEJuly 8, 2009Release # 09-265 Firm's Recall Hotline: (866) 594-4208CPSC Recall Hotline: (800) 638-2772CPSC Media Contact: (301) 504-7908Kolcraft Media Contact: (202) 289-2001Kolcraft Recalls 1 Million Play Yards Due to Fall HazardWASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed. Name of Product: Kolcraft, Carter's, Sesame Street, Jeep, Contours, Care Bear and Eric Carle Play YardsUnits: About 1 millionDistributor: Kolcraft Enterprises Inc. of Chicago, Ill.Hazard: The play yard's side rail can fail to latch properly and when a child pushes against the rail it can unlatch unexpectedly, posing a fall hazard to children.Incidents/Injuries: The firm has received 347 reports of sides of the play yard collapsing unexpectedly, resulting in 21 injuries to young children, including bumps, scrapes, bruises and one concussion.Description: This recall involves the Kolcraft Travelin' Tot play yards, as well as other similar play yards manufactured for Carter's, Sesame Street, Jeep, Contours, Care Bare and Eric Carle, with model numbers listed below. Some of the units have a bassinet and/or changing table. Some models have a mobile, vibrating unit or a parent organizer. Model numbers are printed on a white sticker on one of the feet of the play yard.Play Yard; Model Numbers; Additional Information:Kolcraft Travelin' Tot, Kolcraft Travelin' Tot LTD, Kolcraft Travelin' Tot 2-in-1, Kolcraft Travelin' Tot 3-in-1, Kolcraft Travelin' Tot 4-in-1; 18709-BH, 18709T-BH, 18709T-DV, 18709-NF, 18709T-NF, 18710-BE, 18711T-BD, 18711T-BE, 18713T-LB, 18714T-WD, 18714-WD, 18724T-SQ, 18725-CG, 18725T-FF, 18730T-BZ, 18730T-HJ,18731- DV, 18731T-BZ, 18733-CU, 18733T-CU, 18734T-DV, 18744-BL, 18751T-BZ, 18751T-CU,18751-DV,18751T-DV, 18910-MQ, 18910T-EB, 18910T-LN,18920D-OW,18920-OW, 18925-GS, 18925-LA, 18931-EZ, 18931T-DV, 18931T-PV, 18933T-CU, 18934-SW, 18934-DV, 18935T-UT, 18935-CH, 18942-EC, 18945T-CT, 18945T-ER, 18946-AR, 18950-GV, 18950T-GV, 18951T-DV, 18951T-GS, 18951T-MO,18960-KK, 18960T-PP, 18961-AR, 18961T-AR, 18961-CT, 18961T-CT, 18961-PP, 18961T-GF, 18961T-RV, 18962-AX, 18962T-FZ, 18962-OQ, 18962T-ZT, KP001-BND, KP013-BPA, KP013-HGF, KP013-JFR, KP013-NRB, KP013-PPL, KP014-JGY, KP015-BPA, KP015-JFR, KP016-OW, KP027-JGX; "Kolcraft" and "Travelin' Tot" are printed on either the fabric on the top rail or on the lower side of the play yards.Carter's Lennon Travelin' Tot, EMU Carter's Travelin' Tot, Carter's Travelin' Tot; 18740-UE, 18740T-UE, 18736T-LJ, 18737-LJ, 18737T-LJ, 18726-KA, 18726T-HM; "Carter's" and "Travelin' Tot" are printed on the top rail."Sesame Beginnings" 2-in-1 Play Yard by Kolcraft, Sesame Travelin' Tot VT; 22361-VT, SP001-SBK, SP004-SBK; "Sesame Beginnings" and "Travel Play Yard Kolcraft" are printed on the top rail or along the fabric draft guard on the lower side of the play yards.Jeep Sahara, Jeep Sahara SE Play Yard, Jeep Sahara Limited Play Yard, Jeep Sahara XT Play Yard, Jeep Sahara Limited SE Play Yard, Jeep Sahara Limited XT Play Yard; 55200-JC, 55220-JC, 55225-JC, 55225T-JC, 55235-JC, 55237-JQ, 55237T-JQ, 55237-XC, 55237-XV, 55237T-XB, 55770-XA, 55770-XI, 55772-XE, 55773-XY, JP002-XSP; "Jeep" and "Sahara" are printed on the fabric on the top rail of the play yards.Contours 2-in-1 Travel Playyard, Contours 3-in-1 Play Yard, Contours Deluxe Playyard, Contours Travel Play Yard; 18604-OC; ZP001-MON, ZP001-MYS, ZP003-MAL, ZP004-MAL; "Kolcraft" and "Contours" are printed along the draft guard on the lower side of the play yards.Care Bear Play Yard; 18960-KKEric Carle Play Yard with Activity Gym; 18763-EK, 18763T-EKSold at: Babies R Us, Walmart, Kmart, Sears, Target and other stores nationwide and Internet retailers from January 2000 through January 2009 for between $50 and $160.Manufactured in: China, Spain, and ItalyRemedy: Consumers should immediately stop using the play yard and contact Kolcraft for a free repair kit.Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact Kolcraft toll-free at (866) 594-4208 anytime or visit the firm's Web site at Some of the models of the play yards involved in this recall were recalled in September 2007 due to a strangulation hazard posed by the changing table, which resulted in the death of a 10-month child. To see a video of this product (not on CPSC's web site) go to see this recall on CPSC's web site, including pictures of the recalled products and the individual play yard information in a table, please go to

Be careful out there!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What's New Wednesday

"So just look around and tell me what you find, it's your dream, not mine!" excerpt from Chimps Don't Wear Glasses (a children's book)

New in the store this week:

Evenflo open top swing, it's dark gray with a bright animal mobile and play set on the tray, with a modern gingham/polka dot fabric seat cover

Evenflo triple fun exersaucer

Leap Frog Leap Start Learning Gym

Chlorine free diapers by Seventh Generation (size 1, new pack of 44)

Fisher Price electronic ball drop/spin toy

Gymini with black & white plus colorful hanging toys

Chicken Elmo and Talking Elmo

Baby Trend revolution front wheel jogger

And as always, a great variety of maternity and children's clothing, children's shoes, toys, books!! Sometimes things move quickly so if you have a specific item in mind we welcome your call to check inventory Even if you don't see it listed here we may have it, but if we don't have it we can add your request to our Wish List so you'll be first to know when what you're looking for comes in.

Other news: Stephanie's daughter turned 8! Happy Birthday sweetheart!

What's new with you?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

New Set Up Sunday

In the store on Sundays you'll see Stephanie refreshing the window display and creating a new theme rack(s).

Today the window & hats display has gone tropical! Grab a beach chair and hang out with us, browse the delightful patterns and fabrics collected that will put you in a sunny frame of mind.

It's fun to have theme racks which will have groupings of like items. Most recently we had a fun red/white/blue rack, clothing by size, easy to browse for yesterday, Independence Day. Changing out that rack, those patriotic items have been placed back onto the normal clothing racks. Currently we have two theme racks, one will change monthly and the other will change every week (always on Sunday).

The July theme rack is "wedding and special occassion" dresses, leotards, tutus and dress/dance tights. These beautiful pieces are displayed by size to help you quickly view our fanciest wear for girls this season, and fun outfits for dance, gymnastics, even ice skating.

The weekly theme rack now holds DISNEY wear! Every piece of clothing in our stock by Disney is now available on one rack, by size. Are you a push-over for Pooh? Mushy for Mickey? Tickled by Tinkerbelle? (ok, I'll stop) then come in and see what we have for your kids. Planning a trip to Disneyland or just returned and want more? This rack is for you!

Our crib bedding selection has e x p a n d e d! Look for new brands, patterns, and textures, including a gorgeous set with lamps by Baby's Cream in cream/pink toile, two full sets of brown/green jungle theme, and an Amy Coe set with cool blue/green. Check out their new set up.

When you walk through the store you'll also notice some racks have grown...upward! Maternity now has two double high racks, and baby girl and boy 0-6 mos and 6-12 mos are now triple high racks. More brands, more styles, more selections on the floor!

Don't forget next Sunday we'll also be hosting This Little Piggy again! (see website for details)

See you soon!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Flatter Your Figure Friday (continuing our trend)

Flatter your figure throughout your nine+ months of pregnancy at our store! Whether you show early or late, gain lots or a little or in-between, you are beautiful and deserve the right fit to feel and look your best. Come back to our blog every Friday for more on this subject (we've been there, done that, and never run out of advice, experience, research, information, and or even time to listen!)

We have recently doubled some of the racks of maternity wear to show off more the outstanding consigned clothing by brands such as Mimi, Japanese Weekend, Gap, and so many more. Shirts, tanks, bouses, dresses, there are fun designs ("Future Kickboxer") and dressy styles for work and special occassions. To coordinate we have jeans, khakis, easy to accessorize black pants, shorts and skirts. For comfort try tees, tanks and camis. We have a variety of bras and some swimwear, and ever more selections of nursing tops and bras, too. There is no limit to the sizes we accept, from petite to XS to XXXL, we want to dress women of any size, stature, taste.

What's your look: peasant top, button up collar, pullover deep v, long and flowy, form-fitting? Designer jeans, simple slacks, comfy shorts? The clothing we consign is as individual as the women who brought them in. No need to buy something that doesn't make you feel good, that doesn't have the right fit for a large top/small bottom or small top/large bottom. Have fun browsing the racks, adjusting to your new body and what's to come!

New this week:

- more bras
- Belly bands and support bands
- Suits for work or special occassions
- sweaters and coats for cool evenings, summer in The City, or travel
- swimsuit in blue/white gingham (size M)
- Glamour Mom nursing camis

We've been lucky enough to see some women through their pregnancy and have them come back with newborns. Please visit us soon!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What's New Wednesday (we're starting a trend)

Every Wednesday come back to this blog to see what's new in the store. Bookmark, follow, memorize the URL, just keep coming back every Wednesday to read up

The following short list isn't brand new on the floor but perhaps you didn't realize we welcome and sell these brands, so it's news to you (haha):

- Burberry Jeans faded dark wash, size 2T - $50
- Juicy Coture tan stone-washed jersey knit with pockets, size 2T - $50
- Juicy Couture gray stone-washed jersey knit zip hoodie, size 3T - $50
- Baby Lulu pink modern floral 2 piece outfit with lace trim, size 12 mos - $15.99
- Catimini Urban Global Mix cat zip cardigan, size 12 mos - $48
- Rosetta Millington brown & pink velvet dress, size 2T - $40
- Wendy Bellisimo Vintage Teaberry 4 pc crib set - $180
- Svan of Sweden blonde bentwood bouncer seat in brown/orange - $40
- Radio Flyer Retro Rocket - $40

But these great items are just in:

- Baby Bjorn potty seats
- Leap Pad books & cassettes (preschool to grade school)
- Medela breast pumps
- Cinderella fancy pink bed canopy
- brown Hawaiian print sling
- 2 Graco pack-n-plays, 1 sage green, 1 navy
- 1 Graco Tot Block fold away pen
- small two wheeler, blue with Star Wars theme
- wooden kitchen (stove/sink and refrigerator)
- 2 bead mazes
- Boppy floor gym with pillow
- Fisher Price cradle swings in a variety of styles
- books for pregnancy and for babies to kids
- Migi light blue/crisp green bumper and mobile, fish theme
- Lambs & Ivy City Babies crib set
- Pottery Barn Kids Alphabet Soup crib set
- Baby's Dream cream/pink toile crib set & 2 lamps & 3 pillows
- Amy Coe blue/green circus & stripes crib set
- Baby Einstein floor gym
- Go Go Babyz Travelmate carseat/child rolling carrier
- new ERGO shipment!

Want to know what's new? See you next Wednesday!