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Friday, June 12, 2009

Chain Reaction and 4th of July

Two of the most popular questions about the store are:

1 - How long have you been here?
2 - All of these items are used?

The reactions to my responses are great; mostly it's eyes open wide and smiles appear! The answers are:

1 - About six months, we opened in December 2008
2 - Yes, 99% of what we sell is on consignment

Returning customers are just as pleased, and surprised. Each time they shop with us the store has just a little bit more, displays are fresh, the layout is new. We react to our customers' needs, to what is brought to us to sell, and our own capacity. Because we had so many requests for Ergos we now carry them new, along with ErgoBaby accessories. Ocean Wonders and Rain Forest themes by Fisher Price continue to be popular and we are able to take in duplicate items because of their continued popularity. Since opening we have added more clothing racks, tables for displays, shelves and hooks on the walls, and bookcases for additional storage. We never want to crowd the aisles or pack things in so tight customers can't browse. Our aim is to arrive at the perfect level of display, choice, and airiness.

Our customer base has grown along with the number of consignors and we're so grateful for the chain reaction of positive feedback. Word of mouth has brought us much business as we continue to get established. We also use direct emails and online advertising to draw attention to the store. We can ask for specific items and consignors react with bringing us what customers desire.

All of this is a type of chain reaction which we hope will never end!

* * * * * * * * * *

The Fair is coming, the fair is coming! Parades, picnics, friends, family, memories are all a special part of the July 4th celebrations.

We have in stock Red, White & Blue outfits! From dresses to shorts, rompers and tees, even shoes, we are displaying these patriotic colors for you to easily find just the right look and fit for your kids.

The store will be closed Saturday, 7/4/09.

Happy Birthday, America!

- Stephanie

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