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Friday, May 1, 2009

Win-win situations

The store is based on win-win: We help you recycle items, you get money back, others get great items at great prices. (Wait, is that win-win-win?)

We are different than some other consignment businesses in that we do not return clothing and shoes to you. It's a win for consignors in that items are not limited to a small window of time in which they may be seen and sold, there's no need to make time to come and sort through items and pick up the things you really wanted to get rid of, and there's a better chance for items to sell! It's a win for us in that we only spend time taking items out of the system when they are deemed unsellable (a hem came un-done or a spot appeared, etc) and we can spend more time putting in new items received every day. This means more choices for everyone!

Another difference is that we dispense ALL items we pull from the floor to local charities. If a spot or undone hem means the item is taken out of an account, that item is still going to be used by someone. There is no reselling of these items; they are given directly to people in need. Join us in the pride of providing items to those who have little or nothing. You may also choose to donate directly through us by putting 0-12 months baby clothing (clean, snapped, zipped) in the Loved Twice green bin. Shoes may be designated to Souls for Souls. Most any item may be designated to Image For Success, which may in turn distributes to other local charities in need as well as stock their own premises.

We deem this all to be a very positive and forward thinking manner of doing business and Being Green. When you sign up with us then we know you agree. It's a win-win!

In one way or another, the store (or Melissa or Stephanie personally) donate to the following organizations and others:

P.S. Checks were run. If you had more than $10 in your account as of the last week of April you will be receiving a check in the mail! Note: as of June 09 we will charge a fee of $1.75 per mailing.

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