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Friday, May 15, 2009


"Preggo brain" - I thought this was an excuse (before I had kids). I found out it is real! I was forgetful and sometimes at a lose for words when pregnant with my kids. I would wander around wishing I could remember why I was headed toward a certain room in the house, or which others stores I should be hitting while on the road.

There should also be "Parents Brain". After you have kids there is at least twice as much to remember in your life! Feedings, changings, clothing, family, friends, work, health, entertainment, school, homework, car, outings, holidays and the list goes on and on. Sure I can remember which day is Library Day for each the end of the school year. My kids take it easy on me in that they don't outgrow clothes or shoes too quickly so I can remember what size they're wearing. Then they trip me up by claiming to not like a certain food "Don't you remember, Mom??" Well, yes, I remember last week you begged and pleaded for me to buy an entire box of it but I must have forgotten by yesterday you were done with it altogether, half a box left or not. Did I pack their lunch? When is the class party? Who's birthday party is this weekend, or is it next weekend? Where did I store the clothes you didn't fit in yet from last year?

I know some things for sure: the kids' friends names and their home numbers (thank you, cell phone address book); bedtime hours; consequences dealt out for bad behavior; the kids are always hungry after school; homework is before TV; positive encouragement gets me more than negative attention; whether the kids washed their hands after using the bathroom (mom ears); if the kids are sneaking food into the living room (mom eyes).

Other things I'll never get right on my own: whether I should be goofy or serious in reaction to news the kids tell me; food loved one week is detested the next; if a toy is a "baby toy" or a favorite; whether a booboo needs smothering or ignoring; predicting what time the kids will wake in the morning.

At the consignment shop we have the computer to tell us most of what we need to know about inventory and yet we cannot predict what the customer will want or why. Some people say having your own business is like having a baby. It needs constant supervision, care, flexibility, attention, fresh intake, but doesn't answer a lot of questions. We hope you help us take care of the store. Remember to give it your attention, your items, allow it time to grow and make us all happy!

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