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Friday, May 22, 2009

Only change is constant

**Change of date NOTICE**

This Little Piggy will be on the first SUNDAY in June and the second SUNDAY in July.

Normally Shawna is with us on the first Saturday of every month. It's been great! But in June and July we have to change the dates.

Press little hands and feet into fine china clay for a beautiful lasting memory of how small the kids are right now!

We are keeping the same timing 10a - 1p. So please join us on:

Sunday, June 7

Sunday, July 12

(store hours 10-6 Wed-Sun)


We are changing the layout of the store as the need arises. It's arisen again and we're going to have fun with it. The maternity sales have been getting better and the selection is growing (haha) so we are moving the racks into a brighter, more open spot. You'll see the same great brands and still be able to try on in the store. We'll be displaying prenatal books, yoga DVDs, nursing wear, pumps, nursing support and covers, all in the same area for your convenience.

This means toys and shoes get the boot (oh, she's on a roll!) They are moving into the old maternity area, up and onto shelves. Lower areas for little hands-on trying; higher areas for Parents Only to browse and touch and tweak. This will create more space for displays and room for more to be put out at a time.

We'll roll the shoe racks probably to that same area (the magic will happen in a couple of hours so I can't say for sure, yet) and we'll include seating to try on shoes more easily.


One last notice is a change in our payment policy. We now charge $1.75 to mail your check, which happens every 2 months, next run the last week of June. If you want to pick up your check at the store, no charge. Meanwhile you may shop on store credit or request ONLY store credit.


Most of the time change is for the better. With this post, we believe it!

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