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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Eight ways to have a Green Mother's Day. It's a start ;-)

1. Come have a FREE massage at Marin Kids & Maternity Consignment! While you're out and about, consolidating your shopping trips, have a free 5-10 minute chair massage in our store. We're doing this a DAY EARLY on SAT May 9, from 1-3p.

2. Get breakfast in bed. This is a wonderful tradition...if they don't wake you up to serve you! The entire rest of the family can organize, pick flowers from the yard, cook from the garden, and enjoy time with each other while you eat in peace, or let them all pile in bed with you for tons of giggles and "compliments to the chefs".

3. Nature hike on a new trail. Have you heard friends tell you about views or want to finally make it to a certain lake? Try a trail that you can reach by walking from home. Or coordinate with another family and carpool to the trail head. Don't forget the camera!

4. Ask your kids to make you a card from things they find around the house. Turn over a past homework assignment, use a bill envelope, get out the paint and crayons so they can give you a truly personal card!

5. Volunteer at a food distribution center, an old folks home, at your church or school. Show your family what a gift it is to you if they spend their energy making someone else's day a little bit better.

6. Revamp the yard where you had wanted to plant flowers and grow a garden. Have the others take pictures of you (yes, step in front of the camera) with the new plants. Next year you can compare how big plants have gotten and how full of greenery the yard is.

7. Do some quiet family activities at home. Watch a favorite movie, watch old family films, play board games, make a bird feeder (pinecone smothered in peanut butter and bird seed), walk the neighborhood and smell ALL the roses.

8. Take off! Have a bunch of errands for yourself you haven't been able to get to? (Of course you do.) Now's the time to say Dad or Grandparents have the kids for a couple of hours and you are responsible for just you. Plan your driving and stops, pack a snack, cross things off your To Do List. Go back to your family refreshed!

There are a million (no, more!) things to do in a Green way that make you happy. Try at least ONE on Mother's Day!

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