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Sunday, May 24, 2009

We have a winner!

Congratulations to Wendy! She won a $25 gift certificate to Marin Kids Consignment while at a local Mother's Club Annual Social, a fund-raising event for the club.

Of course we feel this means the store's a winner, too. She was excited to have $25 to spend and we were grateful to her for shopping at the store, buying from our consignors.

We are pleased to sell gift certificates to any customer who wishes to give something to help new parents or as a birthday gift to any child, allowing the receiver to come in and choose what they'd like for their baby. What a nice shower gift! We also carry items that would be appreciated such as...

- Books: The Happiest Baby on the Block; What to Expect When You're Expecting; and more

- Designer diaper bags: Fleurville, Sally Spicer, Petunia Picklebottom, Timi & Leslie; and more

- Decor: picture frames in various styles; wall hangings, pictures, quilts; banks in pewter and ceramic; super soft NEW Gund animals; crib mobiles; Tooth Fairy items; and more

- Toys: learning, sorting, role play, noise makers, puzzles, games, trains, cars, dolly items, wooden, and more

- Furniture: bassinets; small tables; changing tables; infant swings; high chairs; co-sleepers; stools; play house; and more

- Bedding: complete sets for the crib; blankets; swaddlers; pillows; sleeping bags; and more

We are all winners when we buy used, reuse, recycle, donate, and choose sustainable materials!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Only change is constant

**Change of date NOTICE**

This Little Piggy will be on the first SUNDAY in June and the second SUNDAY in July.

Normally Shawna is with us on the first Saturday of every month. It's been great! But in June and July we have to change the dates.

Press little hands and feet into fine china clay for a beautiful lasting memory of how small the kids are right now!

We are keeping the same timing 10a - 1p. So please join us on:

Sunday, June 7

Sunday, July 12

(store hours 10-6 Wed-Sun)


We are changing the layout of the store as the need arises. It's arisen again and we're going to have fun with it. The maternity sales have been getting better and the selection is growing (haha) so we are moving the racks into a brighter, more open spot. You'll see the same great brands and still be able to try on in the store. We'll be displaying prenatal books, yoga DVDs, nursing wear, pumps, nursing support and covers, all in the same area for your convenience.

This means toys and shoes get the boot (oh, she's on a roll!) They are moving into the old maternity area, up and onto shelves. Lower areas for little hands-on trying; higher areas for Parents Only to browse and touch and tweak. This will create more space for displays and room for more to be put out at a time.

We'll roll the shoe racks probably to that same area (the magic will happen in a couple of hours so I can't say for sure, yet) and we'll include seating to try on shoes more easily.


One last notice is a change in our payment policy. We now charge $1.75 to mail your check, which happens every 2 months, next run the last week of June. If you want to pick up your check at the store, no charge. Meanwhile you may shop on store credit or request ONLY store credit.


Most of the time change is for the better. With this post, we believe it!

Friday, May 15, 2009


"Preggo brain" - I thought this was an excuse (before I had kids). I found out it is real! I was forgetful and sometimes at a lose for words when pregnant with my kids. I would wander around wishing I could remember why I was headed toward a certain room in the house, or which others stores I should be hitting while on the road.

There should also be "Parents Brain". After you have kids there is at least twice as much to remember in your life! Feedings, changings, clothing, family, friends, work, health, entertainment, school, homework, car, outings, holidays and the list goes on and on. Sure I can remember which day is Library Day for each the end of the school year. My kids take it easy on me in that they don't outgrow clothes or shoes too quickly so I can remember what size they're wearing. Then they trip me up by claiming to not like a certain food "Don't you remember, Mom??" Well, yes, I remember last week you begged and pleaded for me to buy an entire box of it but I must have forgotten by yesterday you were done with it altogether, half a box left or not. Did I pack their lunch? When is the class party? Who's birthday party is this weekend, or is it next weekend? Where did I store the clothes you didn't fit in yet from last year?

I know some things for sure: the kids' friends names and their home numbers (thank you, cell phone address book); bedtime hours; consequences dealt out for bad behavior; the kids are always hungry after school; homework is before TV; positive encouragement gets me more than negative attention; whether the kids washed their hands after using the bathroom (mom ears); if the kids are sneaking food into the living room (mom eyes).

Other things I'll never get right on my own: whether I should be goofy or serious in reaction to news the kids tell me; food loved one week is detested the next; if a toy is a "baby toy" or a favorite; whether a booboo needs smothering or ignoring; predicting what time the kids will wake in the morning.

At the consignment shop we have the computer to tell us most of what we need to know about inventory and yet we cannot predict what the customer will want or why. Some people say having your own business is like having a baby. It needs constant supervision, care, flexibility, attention, fresh intake, but doesn't answer a lot of questions. We hope you help us take care of the store. Remember to give it your attention, your items, allow it time to grow and make us all happy!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Eight ways to have a Green Mother's Day. It's a start ;-)

1. Come have a FREE massage at Marin Kids & Maternity Consignment! While you're out and about, consolidating your shopping trips, have a free 5-10 minute chair massage in our store. We're doing this a DAY EARLY on SAT May 9, from 1-3p.

2. Get breakfast in bed. This is a wonderful tradition...if they don't wake you up to serve you! The entire rest of the family can organize, pick flowers from the yard, cook from the garden, and enjoy time with each other while you eat in peace, or let them all pile in bed with you for tons of giggles and "compliments to the chefs".

3. Nature hike on a new trail. Have you heard friends tell you about views or want to finally make it to a certain lake? Try a trail that you can reach by walking from home. Or coordinate with another family and carpool to the trail head. Don't forget the camera!

4. Ask your kids to make you a card from things they find around the house. Turn over a past homework assignment, use a bill envelope, get out the paint and crayons so they can give you a truly personal card!

5. Volunteer at a food distribution center, an old folks home, at your church or school. Show your family what a gift it is to you if they spend their energy making someone else's day a little bit better.

6. Revamp the yard where you had wanted to plant flowers and grow a garden. Have the others take pictures of you (yes, step in front of the camera) with the new plants. Next year you can compare how big plants have gotten and how full of greenery the yard is.

7. Do some quiet family activities at home. Watch a favorite movie, watch old family films, play board games, make a bird feeder (pinecone smothered in peanut butter and bird seed), walk the neighborhood and smell ALL the roses.

8. Take off! Have a bunch of errands for yourself you haven't been able to get to? (Of course you do.) Now's the time to say Dad or Grandparents have the kids for a couple of hours and you are responsible for just you. Plan your driving and stops, pack a snack, cross things off your To Do List. Go back to your family refreshed!

There are a million (no, more!) things to do in a Green way that make you happy. Try at least ONE on Mother's Day!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Win-win situations

The store is based on win-win: We help you recycle items, you get money back, others get great items at great prices. (Wait, is that win-win-win?)

We are different than some other consignment businesses in that we do not return clothing and shoes to you. It's a win for consignors in that items are not limited to a small window of time in which they may be seen and sold, there's no need to make time to come and sort through items and pick up the things you really wanted to get rid of, and there's a better chance for items to sell! It's a win for us in that we only spend time taking items out of the system when they are deemed unsellable (a hem came un-done or a spot appeared, etc) and we can spend more time putting in new items received every day. This means more choices for everyone!

Another difference is that we dispense ALL items we pull from the floor to local charities. If a spot or undone hem means the item is taken out of an account, that item is still going to be used by someone. There is no reselling of these items; they are given directly to people in need. Join us in the pride of providing items to those who have little or nothing. You may also choose to donate directly through us by putting 0-12 months baby clothing (clean, snapped, zipped) in the Loved Twice green bin. Shoes may be designated to Souls for Souls. Most any item may be designated to Image For Success, which may in turn distributes to other local charities in need as well as stock their own premises.

We deem this all to be a very positive and forward thinking manner of doing business and Being Green. When you sign up with us then we know you agree. It's a win-win!

In one way or another, the store (or Melissa or Stephanie personally) donate to the following organizations and others:

P.S. Checks were run. If you had more than $10 in your account as of the last week of April you will be receiving a check in the mail! Note: as of June 09 we will charge a fee of $1.75 per mailing.