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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Going Greener

We have taken the City of San Rafael Clean Business Pledge:

And we are in the process of becoming a Marin County Certified Green Business!

How you can help:

1) Take care of items purchased. Maintain, clean and test pieces. This will mean longer life while under your ownership and better possibility to...

2) Reuse or Pay It Forward. Friends, charities in need are always appreciative of hand-me-downs. Consignment is a great way to make sure things go back into the community and you get money back! When this is no longer an option...

3) Recycle when necessary. Check your local garbage company rules for curbside pick ups or call the local recycling center for drop offs.

4) If you have large loads, call a Green Hauling expert, someone who will use the landfill as a last resort for items picked up.

5) To replace items you have given up, remember to buy used!

How you can help our store:

Before bringing in items -

1) Recycle excessive packaging. This saves us storage space so we can take in more items.

2) Check for broken parts and recalls. If we have to ask you to pick up an item because it cannot be sold that means another car trip, bummer.

3) Replace batteries. Recycle old batteries at your local fire station.

4) Bring in items in paper bags with your name, date, description of what's inside. Paper is easier to store, easier to reuse, and easier to recycle than plastic. You may also bring things in cardboard diaper boxes.

5) If you have items that are stained, missing a button/snap, have holes, hems undone, etc, please do not include them with your consignment items. We have direct connections to local charities who are grateful to receive useable (but not sellable) items and you may drop off donation items here in separate bags.

We always welcome your comments, suggestions, donations! Thanks and have a GREEN DAY!

- Stephanie

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