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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Our store gets multiple drop offs a day. This means more stock (yay!) and more work to be done.

Sometimes I am able to look through items when they are dropped off for an initial review of what we will and won't take. This does not mean that every item taken in will make it onto the floor. A spot, stain, rip or broken part may have been missed. It is never our intention to indicate that every item accepted is sellable upon drop off.

When it comes time to enter things into your account, each item is reviewed more thoroughly and that's when it may be put into donations due to some aspect missed at drop off. If items are dropped off with a claim that there are no stains we simply cannot be 100% sure of this. Some stains show up later due to the textiles, sometimes it's lighting or just taking the time to look at hems, seams, backs of items.

We do not have the room to store "unsellable" items so each piece is designated to a donation pile. We have different charities with which we work directly and each of them are incredibly grateful for what we all provide and each helps local people in need.

Here are a couple sites for the charities receiving from our store...

Together, we are all doing wonderful things. If you know of a charity in need of the items we could provide, please let us know. Thank you!

- Stephanie

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