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Friday, March 13, 2009

Stephanie's News - Fab Friday the 13th!

On what's new...

I am not really superstitious but I still wonder what today holds. I can tell you that this week has been full of wonderful things so far...

Two gorgeous infant beds came in. I love seeing them in the store (their asthetics just make me smile) but it would be even better to know that a new baby is enjoying each peacefully at home:

- Beautiful honey wicker bassinette on it's own stand. Storage below, built in canopy above, it has a mattress and bumper included. Dress it up, leave it simple, it would be a delightful addition to any decor.

- Rich dark wood and clean lines create a stunning infant bassinette. By Cariboo, this modern yet timeless design has brand new bedding by Petunia in a soft rosey pink along with the original white set.

- Easter is coming and so are the fancy, fun and frilly Spring dresses! We are loading our racks with lovely pieces this month. Boys get slacks, vests, collared shirts, sweaters. We may have shoes, and tights for girls, even a hat to match!

- Consignment store are great for their unique finds. We have a Radio Flyer ride on Retro Rocket, a spring horse and a GYGY rocking horse, Melissa & Doug giant stuffed dinosaurs, gDiapers, a sun canopy and a stroller visor, bedding by Wendy Bellisimo, Pottery Barn, and Amy Coe. Our maternity clothing racks are being rejuvenated with many designer names, dress up or dress down. Soft soled shoes are best for developing feet and we have a wonderful selection of Robeez, ShooShoos and Pedipeds at below retail prices. These durable leather machine washable shoes are so cute with flowers, turtles, monkeys and more to make little toes the funnest things since....toes!

- I am fond of "...and so much more" because it's so true!

On clothing selections...

We have heard you, our valued consignors and customers, speak. Vacations are happening to both the snow AND tropical locations! We are keeping out all snow gear (bibs, jackets, bunting, boots), rain gear (jackets and boots), and we are also bringing out swim wear and warm weather clothing this month.

On bringing in consignments...

What a glorious couple of months we've had since opening in December 2008! The start to the store followed a simple plan and we were able to keep up with daily drop offs while customers began to discover us. Now that we are hopping (how could I resist?) with more and more business, the entry and display of items has become a routine of rotation. We date each drop off and put the items in line by date received. I pull the oldest dates, enter the items (sometimes not the entire bunch at the same time), then I email an Item List, and items go onto the floor. We are growing! We are busy! We care about you! Please feel free to write, call or drop by anytime to check on your account (shopping is good, too!).

You know I smile when I see you bringing in "stuff"! We are grateful for your business and do our best to be a full-service store. Please help us continue to do our best for you by making sure the items you bring in are 1) washed 2) clean of pet hair 3) plastic and other materials are wiped clean 4) you have checked for recalls and included instructions 5) small items and folded clothes are in paper bags labeled with your name. You will not only get a smile for stuff but a HUGE thank you!

On advertising...

You'll find us on Craig's List, in Mom's Clubs newsletters, and on kid/mom-specific websites. Do you have ideas for us about online advertising? Do you want to do a fundraiser? Do you have your own business that we could coordinate with? What? You want specifics? Stay tuned for my next blog entry!

Have a great day!

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