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Thursday, February 12, 2009

We are not closing! Update on the CPSC and what's new in the shop

Hi everyone,
We just passed the February 10th deadline for the news laws passed to protect our children from lead and phthalates. I am pleased to report that no one from CPSC showed up to shut us down! I am making light of a serious situation, but also feeling very lucky that they have issued several press releases concerning the resale of children's items in consignment and thrift stores that seem to protect us for the time being. The law has not changed yet, but the intention of the CPSC seems clear. You can read these press releases for yourself here:

We are pleased to let you know that we are careful about our selections of items to sell. We keep plastic down to a minimum and encourage organic and wood items. For clothing we tend to pass on items that are "out of date" and newer clothing is less inclined to have lead or phthalates issues. We do not resell carseats, cribs, bottles, used teethers, or aged toys. Our customers are as selective as we are and we pride ourselves on being up to date with trends and laws.

Interestingly, though, there is always more than meets the eye with any law. I heard a very interesting report on NPR this morning about this very topic. It was titled "New Safety Law Doesn't Mean All's Well In Toyland" by Sarah Varney. You can (and should) read about it here:

A couple of things from this report that caught me by surprise are related to the distressing fact that the new law requires that phthalates be REPLACED but does not require that they be replaced with a chemical that is SAFE...and, in fact, according to Sarah Varney's report, manufacturers are not required to tell us what chemicals they used to replaced the phthalates.

OK...I feel as if I have say that this blog is for me to express what I am thinking about or interested in today, and not intended to be a primary news source for anyone out there to read (or anxious to criticize me) about every aspect of this law or anything else for that matter...did I sound like a 2nd rate lawyer in that statement, or what?!

Love is in the air! The love we feel every day for our precious angels...and we have darling outfits to help them show off their fashion style just in time for the holiday. Why spend a fortune for one day of fashion when you can get it for so much less at the shop?

Stephanie is at the shop Wednesday-Sunday from 10-6. Come by and check out our outstanding selection of gear...we have a lovely glider on the floor, a few very stylish pack-and-plays, many many slings to choose from, changing tables of all shapes and sizes, hiking backpacks to hold your little ones close and safe, affordable and stylish maternity clothes and a terrific selection of diaper bags (Fluerville, Petunia Picklebottom, and much more!).

Happy Valentines Day!