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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why we love and hate Target clothing!

Marin Kids Consignment can no longer accept Target brand clothing. Sigh. I hate to say it, I hate to write it, my vision was to be an equal opportunity seller! I wanted to resell play clothes, clothes that still have life in them, regardless of a little stain here and there!

Want to learn more about the consignment business? Then read on!

Want to remain "outside the sausage factory"? It's messy inside.

But here's the truth, the reason why no consignment store can accept Target brand clothes and why most can't accept Old Navy either. It's the shoppers who say "why should I pay $4 for this used when I can buy it new for $4?"

And, really, why should they? If you want to know my feelings, read the previous post on Old Navy clothes...

In this post, I'd just like to document the depressing truth, the fact that I can't afford the labor it takes to sell an item for $1-2! The cost of doing business won't allow it. And it truly bums me out! I see these cute clothes that I just can't afford to carry. The difference in making the numbers work is the difference between reselling Janie and Jack for $8 not selling Target for $2. So, here I go down the path of every other consignment business, the reality of it is the same reality that all businesses must face.

Cost of business vs. doing what is best for the environment.

I want to recycle it all!