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Saturday, April 19, 2008

My thoughts on reselling Old Navy clothes

As the mother of a son, I have always loved Old Navy boy clothes...they are by far the most interesting and edgy designs for boys without spending $30 for a designer tee shirt. I've shopped Old Navy online many many times.

I like to resell Old Navy items, too. I think they provide great value for the price you pay new. But in the years since I started buying Old Navy clothes new, here are 2 things I have learned:

1) Every single piece of clothing that Old Navy sells comes wrapped in a plastic bag. That's right, whether it comes to me from the online store or gets shipped first to a physical store and unwrapped by an Old Navy employee. Every item comes in a plastic bag that gets thrown away.

2) In the stores, Old Navy gets a hanger for every items of clothing. They do not reuse their hangers. They throw them away. Doubt that it is true? Go peek into the dumpster behind your local Old Navy and see for yourself.

By the way, it is not only Old Navy. Many many (most?) stores receive items in plastic AND toss their hangers.

Now, if you want to shop Old Navy for new items, please don't let me stop you! Without you, I won't have gently used items to resell. And if you can buy a brand new tee shirt for your child for $3-5, go for it. But if you buy a gently used tee shirt from Marin Kids Consignment for the same price, you get two things...

1) It is pre-washed many times to remove all the icky chemicals they put on the fabric. Less to irritate the skin.

2) More importantly, you can get the same cool clothes without it bothering your conscience as much. 

If I could, I would sell Old Navy stuff for $1...or better yet, just provide a clothing exchange where no money changes hands at all. But I have to cover the necessary items like tags and labor, and providing you with a nice, clean environment in which to shop. 

My other option is to follow what other consignment stores do...NOT accept Old Navy items because they can't charge their customers the bare minimum to cover their own costs!

Soooooo....I try to make costs meet in the middle by charging as little as I can for Old Navy items but also charging much less on the name brands like Janie and Jack or Gymboree. If you are interested in clothing exchanges, buying gently worn clothes, using less resources, driving less and polluting less, it is not all about the price...I hope to offer you all a place to reuse, even if you can buy the item straight off the boat for the same price. If you drive a Prius, you probably do so not just for the cost of the vehicle, but because you care in other ways about the environment and are trying to do your little part to save the earth. 

I think this post might be controversial, but I've said my piece...please comment here and say yours too!

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