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Friday, March 28, 2008

Marin Kids Consignment blog

Marin Kids Consignment is part of the modern world with a real web site and real blog!

Hi there, I am the owner of Marin Kids Consignment. My name is Melissa Hereford, I am a mom concerned with recycling kids clothes within our community.

Based on the amount of clothing on the racks and the 30 boxes of back stock that I have accumulated over only 2 months in business, I can say with certainty that no one should buy new clothing for their kids. After only 2 months of sales and accepting consignments, with very little advertising, I had to stop accepting new consignments (except for the largest sizes, 4-5-6). The largest quanity is within the 0-12 months clothing.

It amazes me how much stuff is out there. And it seems to me that many people GIVE their baby clothes to friends already. I did not buy anything for my son until he was 2. Friends were thrilled to have someone to pass their baby things on to. What else would you do with them? They last only a few months before they are outgrown.

So, my big question to this larger community is: how do we get the word out to first time parents? To let people know the incredible largess of gently worn items that I sell for $1, that do not use additional plastic wrapping and resources to produce and end up in the donation pile in less that a year?

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